Frequently Asked Questions

I still haven't decided what to study. How can you help me?

Orientation takes part in four steps. First we meet to have a conversation/interview that has the purpose of getting to know each other, as well as helping you interrogate yourself deeper on what you like and what you don’t. Secondly, I’ll send you a link to a career test, that you can take in your own time. For the third step I will be working on my own putting together the information I get from the interview and the career test results. Fourth: we meet and make the point.

How will you help me find my dream university abroad?

After we had a chance to talk and I understand your needs and requests, I will spend some time researching for universities that match your profile and offer what you are looking for, in the countries you desire to go study.

Can you tell me more about how you build your expertise?

I visit universities around Europe and the US at least three/four times a year. As an educational consultant I work with a network of consultants all around the world with whom I have continuous exchanges of information and collaborations. I take part in workshops, webinars and conferences, and I am part of international IEC associations such as IECA.

How will you help me with my application(s)?

I will check all the requirements, make sure you meet all the deadlines, edit your essays, help you write a convincing resume. In addition, I will be in constant contact with the universities you are applying to, making sure all your questions and doubts are answered. We will check together step by step to make sure everything is done correctly and I will give you advices on how to build a strong application.

Can we work together if I am not in Nice, France?

Yes! As long as you have internet, we can work together no matter where you are in the world. We will meet via Zoom or any other platform. I will set up a direct WhatsApp line, for you to contact me anytime you have a question. This will allow us to schedule meetings and I can adapt my timetable to your time zone.

Should I need documents to be translated, can you help me?

It depends on the language. If there are any documents to be translated I can find some sworn translator in my area. This can be an easy or a difficult task depending on the language we start from. In any case this kind of service will be payed separately to the translator.

Will you help me write my essay/personal statement?

Anything you write has to be original and done by you. That said, I will be happy to edit your essay and help you put them in a good form. I will also give you any suitable advice and find materials for you to look at, should you need help starting your writing.

Will you help me with my VISA?

VISA is something you will have to deal yourself, but if there is anything I can do to help, I will surely do it. Usually universities have offices that deal with international students and VISA related problems.

How will we define our working collaboration?

Once you get in contact with me, and we define the services you need, I will send you an agreement contract to sign. The agreement will define services, costs, timeline and responsibilities on both sides. Once you have read and signed the contract, you will send it back to me. As soon as the first installment comes in, we can start to work together.

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