What I Do

I am an international educational consultant (IEC). I help prospective university students and their families navigate the academic world and the application process. As an IEC, my role is assisting students in finding suitable educational options and guiding them through the application process.


Structure & Guidance

Breaking down the application process into smaller, manageable tasks is an effective approach to help students stay organized and meet important deadlines. By providing guidance and support, I can alleviate the stress and confusion often associated with the application process, allowing students to focus on their strengths and aspirations.


Engagement & Empowerment

Active student participation is crucial for ensuring that students fully understand and engage with the process. By encouraging students to take an active role, I empower them to reflect on their goals, identify their strengths, and effectively convey their unique qualities and experiences in their applications.


Experience & Network

The education system of a foreign country can be unfamiliar and overwhelming, so having an experienced educational consultant is an invaluable resource. My knowledge of international education systems and familiarity with the specific requirements and procedures help students navigate the complexities of studying abroad and make informed decisions.


Overall, my role as an international educational consultant is focused on providing personalized guidance, support, and expertise to students and their families as they embark on their educational journeys.

While entrance to famous or exclusive universities cannot be guaranteed, my commitment to providing the best advice and support ensures that students have a well-informed perspective. By considering their unique profiles, I help them find a university that aligns with their goals and allows them to grow into the person they want to become.


My services are customized to suit the different necessities of each student and family. I offer four packages that cover the entire journey from start to finish, but can also be purchased each on their own.

student asking questions about college admissions

Single Consultation

If you need to cover some items separate from one of the below packages or need additional support, I am happy to schedule an hour of additional consultation time when needed.

– €150

student being interviewed about their college choices


You are not yet sure what to study? By conducting an interview or chat and administering a career test, I gather essential information about the student’s interests, personality, goals, grades, and academic background. This comprehensive approach ensures that I have a holistic understanding of the student, enabling me to provide personalized guidance in finding the best options.

– €450

a university campus in Europe

University Research & List

Once I have a clear understanding of the student’s profile, I undertake thorough research to identify universities that align with their interests and aspirations. Collaborating with the student, I create a list of potential institutes that they are excited to apply to. This step allows for a more targeted and strategic approach to the application process, increasing the student’s chances of finding a good match.

– €2100

a newly admitted college student on campus


I supervise my students by guiding them through each step, ensuring they meet deadlines, helping them create a compelling resume and edit essays or personal statements. This way I facilitate the development of strong applications.

– €950

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