Why is it a good idea to hire an independent educational consultant?

Let’s start by saying what an independent educational consultant (IEC) is. 

An IEC is a professional that works with prospective college/university students and their families. His/her role is to help students explore the different options offered by the academic world. His role is, also, to make the application process easier and less stressful. 

How can an IEC help? 

An IEC will talk to students and help them understand what and where to study.  To do so, he will consider the sudents’ interests, their personality, their goals in life and, of course, their grades and their academic curriculum. An IEC will help students build a strong application. This means he will go through all the steps with them, help them meet the deadlines, help them build a convincing resume, edit essays or personal statements. And though an IEC will not promise to get you into a famous or exclusive university, he will put all his knowledge and expertise in giving you the best advice to find a good match that will respond to your profile. He is there to help you explore all the options in order for you to make an informed choice, based on who you are.

Also if you are looking to study abroad, you are probably going to be new to the education system of the country. Hiring a professionally knowledgeable educational consultant  can be a valuable resource.

IECs have the opportunity to attend professional conferences and network with college admissions representatives. It is their duty to keep up to date with the industry news.

Sometimes students like to surf the internet, diving into the websites of different universities. They might decide to hire an IEC later on just to help them with the application process. Other times student don’t have a clear idea on what they would like to study or where. It is difficult to know where to start and this is why they decide to hire  an IEC from the beginning. Once they have figured out where to apply, they might decide to go through the application process on their own. Some families like the confort of having an expert that guides them all along the way.

There are many ways and reasons why you can decide to hire a professional consultant. All are very beneficial.